IPS Corporation’s various brands of solvent cements, cleaners & primers are globally recognized as the top adhesive brands on the market today. Designed for use on PVC, CPVC and ABS pipe, both Weld-On and Christy’s set the highest standard for quality pipe and fitting adhesive products.


Since 1954 IPS has been a leader and trusted resource for quality pipe and fitting adhesives commonly used in plumbing and construction applications. Weld-On and Chirsty’s have been leading innovators providing the best quality and most commonly used products available today. Through their ongoing commitment to providing the end user with the best they have worked hard to stay on top by continuously adding new types of solvents and cleaners to the line up making sure that you have options for just about any scenario.


Weld-On & Christy’s adhesives are perfect for use in the field whether in wet or muddy places, cold and damp weather or just down in the trenches where these products are frequently used. You’ll be more productive getting your jobs done faster with these fast setting and fast curing products from the IPS family of adhesive and solvent cement brands. Come by Van Marcke today and stock up on these quality adhesives for your next big plumbing or pipe fitting job.