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Van Marcke Plumbing Supply is a wholesale plumbing store. We have many convenient locations to make purchasing your plumbing repair parts , HVAC equipment, water treatment products, water heaters & other needed plumbing products as convenient and as simple as possible. With over 6,000 brand name products in stock including our additional services like truck and shop stocking services, you are guaranteed to save time and money each time you choose to get your plumbing products here at Van Marcke.

Our service offerings are second to none. We take pride in the fact that we can make your job easier by reducing the time it takes to stock your truck or shop with the needed parts for your next set of plumbing jobs. Not only that, we're here to help you grow your business through our top notch marketing services including private label plumbing parts giving you that needed edge over your competitors. In today's competitive world, having access to convenient supplies and a partnership to help you improve other important aspects of your business is critical. Especially if you want to stand out from the competition.

Van Marcke will be with you every step of the way, helping you through our knowledge and quality services. Take a look at our service offerings below!

Shop Stock Service

We can help you save time and money by picking your order, delivering your parts, and stocking your warehouse bins. Fewer trips to the supply house means your technicians will have more time to answer service calls.

Truck stock Services

We can help your technicians keep their trucks stocked full of the parts they need to complete their daily jobs. While we love to see our customers on a daily basis, we do understand that time spent in a store or on the road amounts to fewer jobs being performed each day. Let us pick your order and keep your techs on the road.

Private Label and Marketing Services.

We can provide many opportunities to help you promote your company. From private label ball valves and garbage disposals to custom sell sheets and truck graphics, we have the tools to help you get your companies message out there.

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We carry products from the leading suppliers of tools, fittings, water heaters, vitreous china, and just about every other plumbing product you can think of at a extremely competitive price. We have well over 6,000 different plumbing products in stock at over 25 locations serving Arizona, Nevada & Texas. Choosing Van Marcke for your plumbing equipment & parts will save you time and money. Getting your plumbing supplies faster leaves you with more time to complete jobs.

Take a quick look at some of our top brands below.

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Here is How We Have

Helped Our Customers

Parker Ball Valves

Parker and Son's

Van Marcke helped Parker and Son’s increase brand awareness and promote repeat business by supplying ball valves that included their company logo and contact information.

Lawson Shop Stock

Lawson Family Plumbing

Lawson Family Plumbing is a successful plumbing company based in Gilbert, AZ. Van Marcke assisted in setting up and stocking their warehouse, which has helped save them time and money not having to visit a plumbing parts store for every job.

I Filter Website

International Filter

International Filter was a small water treatment company based in Pheonix, AZ. Van Marcke helped I Filter develop a new website and marketing program which assisted them in getting their message to a broader customer base.

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It means so much for us to have loyal customers who enjoy the value we provide on a daily basis. Our rewards program is just one of many great things we do to give something back to you for your patronage with Van Marcke Trade Supply. We greatly appreciate your friendship with Van Marcke.

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