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Bonus Rewards


We never lose sight of what makes Van Marcke Plumbing Supply a success. Our customers. We like to believe we have a special relationship with our customers. Our Bonus Rewards program is our way of saying, “Thank you.”


As a Bonus Rewards member you earn one point each time you spend $150.00 on a ticket. Reward points are accrued over a rolling 18 month period. The more points you earn the bigger your reward will be. You can begin redeeming your points when you reach 30, or you can save them for larger rewards!


If you are interested in our monthly promotions and would like to be entered into our prize raffles, click the link here or text the word "plumbing" to 855-533-1345 in order to opt into our emailing list.



Signing up for Van Marcke Bonus Rewards is simple. Simply submit a list of authorized employees for your company to a Van Marcke store employee. We will issue each authorized employee a unique pin number. Each time you make a purchase at a Van Marcke store, you simply enter your pin to earn your points.


With Over 20 Convenient Locations through out Arizona, Nevada and Texas, Van Marcke can save you time and money when stocking up for your next plumbing repair or installation job. Search here for one of our fully stocked plumbing parts stores nearest you!