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Our Story

A Long History

Van Marcke is a Belgian company in family ownership. Founded in 1929 by Raymond Van Marcke, in Kortrijk, the firm is now run by Caroline Van Marcke.

Van Marcke has 1,400 employees active in the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Malta and the United States. Van Marcke is number one in the Belgian market in the specialized distribution of health solutions and central heating. Van Marcke is also a strong global player in the water sector and heat.

Van Marcke Trade Supply has expanded.  New outlets have opened in Europe and the U.S.A.  The United States hosts 24 stores so far.  (11 in Phoenix, 2 in Tucson and 4 in Las Vegas). We are now open in the Dallas, Texas market with a distribution center in Arlington and branches in Camp Wisdom and Dallas.