State of the Art, High Efficiency & Reliability

Navien Tankless Water Heater

Founded in 2006, Navien has quickly grown into a leader in condensing technology. Through sophisticated engineering, Navien’s state of the art technology delivers endless hot water without the need of a water tank regardless of home or business size. Energy efficiency and continuous hot water are what sets Navien apart from other water heaters by helping to reduce energy costs by up to 20% above that of traditional water heaters. Navien water heaters are Energy Star Certified and rated as the most efficient water heaters in the industry.

Also when space is limited, Naviens tank-less water heaters are a perfect fit taking up to 80% less space than that of a traditional water tank and heater. Plus with Naviens optional Navilink, Navien water heaters can be accessed anywhere in the world. Another key benefit to these water heaters is the life span of a tank-less water heater. Navien tank-less heaters will last longer than tank based water heaters increasing the time between costly replacements.

You can find a wide array of Navien products at a Van Marcke store closes to you.