Innovative Water Solutions By




Grundfos is a global leader in advanced water pump solutions. They design products that adapt to any situation whether it’s for a small home or large commercial building. Their pumps are designed to provide the highest level of comfort at the lowest cost possible. Grundfos has many solutions available no matter what the need is. Come by a Van Marcke location today and take a look at what we have available.

  • Water Pressure Boosting
    • Increase water pressure in an entire system with Grundfos pressure boosting pumps. These pumps are a great for showers, taps, toilets, washing machines sprinklers and more in both large and small building applications.
  • Hot Water Re-circulation
    • Their hot water re-circulation products are designed to produce instant hot water while reducing wasted water and excess power usage while waiting for hot water to distribute. Get intelligent hot water re-circulation with options for full automation, temperate control and continuous full speed operation.
  • Heating
    • Grundfos manufactures some of the most energy efficient circulatory heat pumps available on the market today. Their quality heating pumps are designed for effective operation in everything including small homes all the way up to large commercial building applications
  • Wastewater
    • Whether its water from the washing machines, sink, showers of outdoor drainage, Grundfos submersible water pumps provide safe and efficient wastewater removal. They offer both permanent installation and lightweight portable pumps.
  • Ground and Rain Water
    • Grundfos offers a wide array of highly efficient ground and rain water harvesting systems that are efficient and easy to install.